IRANYTWO: 2 in 1 Irish evenings with films #1 – Neil Jordan: Michael Collins

November 19, 2014 // Vallai kert

(Bp, Rumbach Sebestyén u. 10.)

The Hungarian Yeats Society launches its Irish film club on 19th November.

MOVIE: Neil Jordan: Michael Collins (1996)
TWO: Irish picnic, bring your own food and drink.

We will watch the movie in English with English subtitles.
Free entry, we accept contributions.


Saint Patrick’s Day at Fonó Budai Zeneház

22 March, 2014 (Budapest)

The Hungarian Yeats Society joined the James Joyce Society of Hungary and the folk band Bran in organising the annual Saint Patricks Day celebration at Fonó. The evening began with three lectures by renowned Hungarian scholars intended for and attended by wider-than-academic audiences. Continue reading

Speeches at the openings of the W.B. Yeats Exhibition of the Embassy of Ireland

7 May, 2014 (Pécs)
16 April, 2014 (Debrecen)
4 March, 2014 (Budapest)

Members of the Hungarian Yeats Society held introductory and welcoming speeches in the name of the HYS in all three cities. Csilla Bertha, Melinda Szűts, Fanni Petrák and Beáta Gubacsi represented the Society in Budapest, Csilla Bertha in Debrecen and Mária Kurdi in Pécs.

Launch and first event

31 January, 2014 (Budapest)

The Hungarian Yeats Society held its first statutory meeting in Vallai kert, a friendly venue for cultural programs in the heart of Budapest. In the first half of the evening the founding members voted on the launch, fundamental objectives and committee members of the Society to be.  Continue reading